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Expo 86! (+31 years)

We made it to Vancouver!

It’s been a few months since the last entry. We are still alive and well and are now underway albeit slowly! We have been busy getting many projects done and leaving many others for later. Spring came late in Nanaimo….with the rain, cooler temperatures and overcast conditions, it made it hard to get going on the much needed work topside.

One of the biggest projects Continue reading “Expo 86! (+31 years)”

Shore Leave

Alright, its true: we haven’t spent much time sailing yet! There’s sooo much to do to get ready though and a lot of it has to do with just learning to live on the boat. It has its challenges but they seem to be well worth it actually. Its interesting how well we all (including the poor old dog) have adapted. The other day we were rocking around in a 20 knot South Easterly, which blows right up our channel and really gets the boat moving Continue reading “Shore Leave”


We are slowly adjusting to life aboard Finn IV. It has come with some growing pains but two days ago we managed to finally unpack our last box that we had packed for the boat some months ago. Everyday here, so far, has been spent sorting, reading, organizing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing some renovations to make life a little easier, we hope. No sailing yet! We have been getting around on foot, scooter, dingy and with the truck and are getting to see some small parts of Nanaimo. More of that to come later…. Continue reading “Gratitude”

Jump in!

Yesterday we closed the sale on the house. There was a little bit of suspense as the sale was supposed to close at noon but at 10:30 the lawyer called and explained that the purchaser had decided at the last minute to change some of the details of her financing thereby causing delays with the bank and ultimatley delaying closure. “Probably” the deal will close today though so “don’t fret”!

Unfortunately, its Friday Continue reading “Jump in!”