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School Related:

Build your own hydrophone kit (just like we did) for science class or listening to rain in the puddles!

DIY Hydrophone CAD$19.99

Books we Can’t do Without!


Click here to visit Salish Sea Pilot. This is an eBook in PDF form that provides you with a Pilot Guide accesible on any of your electronic devices (that are able to open a PDF). Very Handy!

Nigel Calder’s Marine Diesel Engines is worth its weight in Gold! Unless you’re a diesel mechanic (or very very wealthy) you should probably understand your diesel engine!

The Anti-Pirate Potato Cannon is a pretty entertaining collection of things to keep the kids busy!$$$$

Boat Parts and Equipment

We’ve had good luck with this pump and because it packs a good capacity in a small package we’ve used it for a number of projects. That way we carry one spare for several different pumps.

I like to know how the boat is performing in the middle of the night (without getting out of bed) and sometimes you just can’t tell much by looking out the portals! Ergo the levels (mounted near the bunk).

Making Life Aboard Easier

Sometimes its just nice to have a cup in the beach bag!