Pott’s Lagoon

Today finds us in Pott’s Lagoon. We have actually been here for over a week which is probably the longest we have ever stayed at a single anchorage other than False Creek. Pott’s Lagoon lies at the NW end of Johnstone Strait and the beginning of the Queen Charlotte Strait.

There is no particular reason that we stopped here but it is a pretty nice anchorage. The anchorage itself lies within a rock-fish conservation area but it is only a short dinghy ride to an area where fishing is allowed. Flounder and Greenlings are abundant and we have caught several of them. We have also had considerable luck prawning and had a few good meals

Potts Lagoon

We have had some success with our watermaker as well. We finally got it installed just before leaving the dock. While working on the watermaker I was also able to fix our refrigerator. We finished installing the watermaker and thought that we’d leave the next day but then realized that running our refrigerator for the day had completely drained our batteries. I have been expecting to have to replace the batteries any day for the past several years so it came as no surprise. Nonetheless, it was an unexpected delay.

When our batteries finally arrived we extricated them from the boat (they’re 110lbs each) and took them up to the van to take them to the store and get our new batteries only to find that the van battery had shorted out during the night during an uncharacteristically heavy downpour and the battery was dead. If only we had a wheelbarrow full of batteries that we could use to jump start the van… Oh wait, we do!

Anyway, we got the batteries changed, fridge is fixed, watermaker is installed and here we are sitting in Potts lagoon making water and eating ice cream!

Next stop, probably Growler Cove and then Port McNeil for reprovisioning.

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