It’s been a little while…

Admittedly, it’s been a little while since we last updated anything. We, like a lot of people have spent the last couple of years in a little bit of a “holding pattern” – at least in terms of travelling. But, yesterday we rigged up the jib, today I’ll start installing the watermaker etc etc and by next week, we’re sailing!

Rigging the jib!

Jerome and Maureen have been busy with school. Jerome finished a couple of weeks ago with a 100% average in math and on the Gold Honour Roll! I’ve spent the last couple of years working as the Fire Chief and Senior Clinician at an industrial operation in northern Alberta which involved way too much time away from home and wasn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds like it ought to be.

Oh, the places you’l go…

So, at the end of May, we hauled Finn. Once we had him back in the water and hadn’t broken the bank, I resigned my position and we made a plan:

Head north and then turn left (or right).

We’ll try to be back by October.

Haul out 2022

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I hope your adventures take you to many wild and wonderful places, who know’s we maybe able to join up at some point. In the meantime safe adventuring and good sailing!

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