A Short Cruise with Mom and Dad!

In March of 2018 Trystan’s parents came out to the island for a visit. They stayed in an AirBnb of course, because there is limited space on the boat but the weather is so nice that we thought we’d do a day cruise out to April Point. Its not far from Campbell River and its calm, very quiet and quite a nice place.

So, at 10:30 18th March we pulled away from the dock with Grandma and Grandpa aboard and caught the northbound current in the Discovery Passage bound for April Point. Jerome had just earned his PCO card so he took the helm and steered us across the passage, through the “swirly wirly” eddies at the far side and into April Point. We were visited by pacific white-sided dolphins, many harbour seals and, of course, the ubiquitous bald eagles. We dropped 60′ of rode and enjoyed a gourmet lunch of chicken tikka masala.

After lunch: a dinghy ride to the dock, a nice walk ashore and then back to Finn to catch the southbound current for the trip home. Not a long trip but a memorable one and maybe an insight for mom and dad into what we do and why we love doing it!

That evening Jerome made his signature chicken parmesan soup for Grandma and Grandpa at their AirBnb. A recipe of his own invention! Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa!