We are slowly adjusting to life aboard Finn IV. It has come with some growing pains but two days ago we managed to finally unpack our last box that we had packed for the boat some months ago. Everyday here, so far, has been spent sorting, reading, organizing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing some renovations to make life a little easier, we hope. No sailing yet! We have been getting around on foot, scooter, dingy and with the truck and are getting to see some small parts of Nanaimo. More of that to come later….

Hanging out at Bowen Park
Hanging out at Bowen Park

Before and after the sale of our house we were so fortunate to have family and friends that helped us out with the transition of moving onto a boat. I think that it is very important to give some “shout outs” for the people that we know and love! We have to thank our families for helping us immensely with so many things for so long in order to make this adventure possible (we would not be here without you!) and for your unfailing support despite your misgivings with this “sailing project”; to Kerri, Wayne, Tressa and Emma for helping in so many ways that we cannot even count (all of you were always there for us no matter how busy you were already); to the wonderful people at Red Deer Emergency Services (too many to name!) for their kind words, great food and support following Trystan’s resignation and for those of you that dropped by the marina in Nanaimo to check on Finn over the past year; to George, Cam and Dawn for keeping close tabs on Finn over the past year too and sending us lots of pictures of how Finn weathered all the winter storms; to our neighbour, Dave of Pubnico, for babysitting Finn for the past winter also; to Mary for taking our frog (or rather our toad) into her loving home and becoming his official guardian and to all the staff at the Mary C. Moore Library for their help over the years that we were in Lacombe; to Fr. Shimit and the congregation at St. Stephen’s for their prayers and kind words for our family; to Dr. Izak Van Niekerk (best doctor ever!!) and his staff, the staff at the Travel Clinic in Red Deer, the pharmacists at Rexall Drugs in Lacombe and Dr. Scott Stevenson (best eye doctor ever!) for helping with all our questions about carrying medications on-board, getting vaccinations and taking care of our eye checkups;

On the ferry from Vancouver to Finn
On the ferry from Vancouver to Finn

to Todd and Denenne for your friendship, for helping out in Didsbury and giving us huge peace of mind; to Penny, Sam and Susanna for your support (always!) and willingness to help out and for introducing us to Pina and Nina and showing us the Calgary Stampede Fireworks from an entire different perspective; to Lisa and Wellington, Jana and Charity for all your listening to and being patient with Maureen’s constant moaning and complaining over the past year; to Dani for being a fine, patient karate instructor and for buying and taking care of our house (sorry that it took us so long to paint!); for Darren, Oreola, Lars and Olin for your friendship, knowledge and support and helping Trystan sail Finn up to

A boy and his dog enjoying the boat life!
A boy and his dog enjoying the boat life!

Nanaimo from Mud Bay, U.S.A. and keeping a watch on Finn too when you visited Nanaimo; and, finally and, of course, to Ilene and Steve for introducing us to the most beautiful boat in the sea and for your friendship, knowledge and support (we will get some good Canadian Cheezies to you as soon as we can!). I’m sure that the list will go on and any omissions that I made I will hopefully rectify in the future.Camera_00005

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Words can not express how excited I am for you all to go on this grand adventure! I’m thrilled that you have started this blog and that you will be able to keep everyone posted on your progress. Wishing you all nothing but smooth sailing, health and happiness! Hugs and kisses

So glad we were able to go sailing with you. Enjoyed, too bad we had to head back to Nanamino and then off to Campbell River, it was a great day but no wind. Will send you the pictures I took on our little journey to Silva Bay. All the best and safe sails.

Hey guys! I’m always here to listen! Miss listening to you…hope all is well. Sorry I haven’t checked in sooner….

Ok …. SO brutal that I haven’t logged in to follow the adventures of the fearless crew til now….

Thanks so much for the accolades…. your courage for taking on such an amazing journey is surpassed only by your crazy sense for adventure…

Thank you for sharing your stops along the way…. Definitely logged in for more… Best Regards.

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