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Yesterday we closed the sale on the house. There was a little bit of suspense as the sale was supposed to close at noon but at 10:30 the lawyer called and explained that the purchaser had decided at the last minute to change some of the details of her financing thereby causing delays with the bank and ultimatley delaying closure. “Probably” the deal will close today though so “don’t fret”!

Unfortunately, its Friday – if it doesn’t close Friday we have to wait until Monday! We had no insurance on the house past noon and couldn’t get hold of our insurance company because they had all gone to the Calgary Stampede (we have very low expectations of our insurance company but even this is pushing it!).

In the end, the financing came through at about three o’clock. And just in time! As we were doing the walk-through with our purchaser and handing over the keys the hail storm that we had held at bay for weeks with crossed fingers and toes finally arrived. Sign here! Fortunately, it didn’t cause any damage but past performance of our low-expectations-insurance was definitely in the back of our minds.

My last staff meeting!

It was a very hard day for Jerome. The day before he had to pack his toys and decide, at least in his mind, which toys he would take and which toys he would “never see again in [my] whole life”. Now, he had to say goodbye to the only house he really remembers living in. Its very hard for him to see any upside to this right now as he has no idea what to expect. The risks loom much greater in his mind than any ethereal benefits of enriching his experience and education and he sees little value at this point in learning about other cultures or expanding his horizons. All that he knows for certain is that we have no income, no house and very little Lego!

So, today we are taking a much-needed rest day. Its 10:45 in the morning and Jerome is still sound asleep on Maureen’s shoulder. We’re staying with friends in their holiday trailer in their yard for a couple of days while we sort our things and prepare to ship our storage trailer off to the farm and pack the truck with the items (way too many items!) destined for the boat. I’m actually working an industrial shift today to help with some of the transition expenses but tomorrow we’ll do the sorting. After that we’ll spend a couple of days with Maureen’s family and then out to Summerland where my Mom is doing a big swim across Okanagan Lake. After a couple of days there… we go to the boat!

A farewell breakfast with colleauges
A farewell breakfast with colleauges

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What a way to start! Sounds like you have things well in hand ( although change is always a hard thing). I have great respect for what you guys are doing and pass along my best wishes. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.

I will be happy to have endless daily letters from you all!! & i am sure you are doing the “right” thing. After all you can always stop doing it & regain jobs, house & stuff. Family & friends are always with you. BUT i can not figure out how to copy these pictures!?! Love mum.

Gonna miss you brotha. But I am over the moon exited and without question happy for you. I’m gonna follow what ever you post and of course be jealous. Keep in touch my friend


Well Tristan I wish you and your family an exciting and eventful adventure. That’s good events Of course ? Your email at work was a surprise to me and sent shivers down my spine. I applaud you for making such a decision to change your life yet it scars the crap out of me. I’m excited for you all and can’t wait to listen to your updates! Good luck and be safe!

Hey Trystan,
Great idea with the blog, looking forward to the updates, any chance you guys will set up an instagram account? Some pics of your adventures would be sweet!
Take care,


Hey guys! Miss you like crazy, hope you are all doing well and this new adventure is exactly what you need! In some ways I can’t help but be jealous!
Sending Love,

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